Cyriel Dessers wants to play against Eeredivisie big boys again

Cyriel Dessers has come out in support of a merger between the Belgian and Dutch top-flights, and believes the difference in quality between the two leagues is minimal.

The prospect of a ‘Beneliga’ has been discussed extensively for a number of years, with a view to closing the gap on the top five European leagues. A January study released by UK-based professional services consultancy Deloitte estimated a combined league would likely generate between €250 million and €400 million in revenues.

Dessers made the move from the Eredivisie to the Jupiler League this summer following a productive campaign that saw him finish atop the goalscoring charts in the Netherlands. However, he finds the prospect of re-engaging with traditional Dutch giants like Ajax and PSV Eindhoven appealing still.

“I think it would be very nice matches if I were to play against Ajax or PSV with Genk,” Dessers told Eleven Sports. “I don’t know how realistic it is. I think it would be a good idea to start with a cup, as a test. That is more feasible”

Having competed in both leagues, the 25-year-old striker, who is eligible for Nigeria, is in a unique position to make a comparison of their competitive levels. “I have the feeling that they are always somewhat disdainful towards each other. The Belgians about the Dutch and vice versa.

“In the Netherlands they think Ajax is the biggest, but I think they have also realized in the past year that Club Brugge is doing very well. They are evolving towards becoming (as big as) Ajax in Belgium.”

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