Get to know the stadium where Nigeria’s U-17 national team, the Golden Eaglets, will be based for their first two matches the World Cup: Goiania.

Name of stadium: Pedro Ludovico Teixeira Olympic Stadium, Goiania

Inaugurated: 1941

Capacity: 10,000 (initial); 13,500 (post-renovation)

estadio olimpico, goiania

Interesting facts

  • After the infamous Goiania radioactive contamination accident of 1987, the stadium served as a shelter for survivors. Following a spate of demolitions as part of the clean-up operation, whole families even lived at the stadium for a while, and tests were subsequently carried out on them right there at the stadium to determine that they were free of contamination.
  • It is only the third-largest stadium (by capacity) in Goiania, and is one of two stadiums in the city which will host matches during the competition.
  • Pedro Ludovico Teixeira, the doctor and politician for whom the stadium is named, was the founder of the city of Goiania.
  • The stadium will host 10 matches at the FIFA U-17 World Cup, including at least two Nigeria matches and two quarter-finals.

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