Nigerian and Leicester city star midfielder Wilfred Ndidi made a huge decision to further his studies after football training. He confirmed the statement that he is studying Business and Management at the De Montfort University in the United Kingdom in a video on Friday.

The Nigerian player said that the reason for going back to school was to reduce illiteracy in Nigeria and he also lamented that many Nigerians don’t have the access to quality education and he hopes that his move of going back to school will motivate and inspire young Nigerians to be educated.

wilfred ndidi

He also explained the reason for studying Business and Management is that “He would set up a football resort where people can stay and play football while getting an education at the same time. I think it’s really important to try to learn things outside of your normal life,”.

Many Nigerians have come out on social media to congratulate the 22-years-old player for the great move, they also thanked and encouraged him not to stop motivating and inspiring young Nigerians out there. They also see him a role-model and a good example of an oversees- based Nigerian.

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