Tunisian Changes Name Of Stadium In Honour of Al-Aqrabi

Tunisia government decide to change the name of the Olympia stadium dé radés to be
” Hammada Al-Aqrabi stadium” as an honor for Tunisia superstar.

Tunisian football (Friday) lost one of its most prominent legends, Hammadi Akrabi, the former star of Sfaxien and the “Carthage Eagles”, who died at the age of 69 years after a long struggle with illness.

Hammadi Al-Aqrabi, whose real name is Mohamed Ben Rahim, was born on March 20, 1951 in Sfax, southern Tunisia, and was included in all the teams of the Sfaxian club’s age, before joining the first team in 1970 at the age of 19.

The late star in the world of the round witch excelled with his high attacking capabilities and superior skills in overcoming his direct competitors, which made him join the Tunisian national team in 1972.

Al-Aqrabi was called “the magician of generations,” and he was one of the architects of the “Carthage Eagles” for the first time in his history for the World Cup, specifically in the World Cup in Argentina in 1978.

Al-Aqrabi grabbed the limelight during the Argentine World Cup, where he presented very strong levels, especially during the Mexico match, in which Tunisia scored its first World Cup victory in its history, 3-1.

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